No Neighbours Mesh Network on OH2


i want to move from fibaro to oh2, so i have installed the qpkg package on a qnap to give it a first try.

mesh network was ok, neighbours etc.

so i decide to install oh2 on a fresh ubuntu box and installed latest nightly, add controller (aeon g5) + some things.

all things + controller dont showup nodes neighbours.
see screenshot

currently on latest 2.1.0~20170522040628-1
i have tried also some previous versions and latest stable + beta.
its always same.

so whats wrong here ?

This is not working in OH2 at the moment. It will be available in a future version - ie once the new developments are merged.

this is working fine on 2.0.0-3 qpkg package

No - it doesn’t work properly in the master branch.

That’s not to say that you didn’t get a nice graph at some stage - but it would not necessarily be correct as the data is not updated properly in the current OH2. This is fixed in the development branch only.

thankyou for clearance, on the qpkg package it was showing some more informations (how many neighbour nodes etc, on things) also the routes in the habmin network viewer was visible.

so i was a lil confused moving to snapshot version which is newer and not seeing any informations there.

also i see no informations on controller attributes ? on things the informations is shown

It is the same - so you will have the same information in the qpkg package and the snapshot. The data is simply not reliable. It is updated when the binding first starts, and it may be incorrect, but this is exactly the same as the OH2 release version.

the only difference is

  • qpkg package is running on the host (qnap), controller mounted on host
  • ubuntu is running as vm on the qnap host, controller is mounted per hardware usb passthru

maybe there is a issue with the passthru ?

This is a known issue with the current master. It simply doesn’t work properly when updating the neighbour list.


i just moved controller from aeon g5 to zme_usb1 and is working fine.

The issue seems to be related to aeon stick.

I have the Aeon Z-stick gen 5, with the same problem. This is now keeping me from any more investments. When can we expect the new zwave-binding?