No network.xml file created when aeotec zwave door sensor is added to openhab

Hi ,

I have been trying to add aeotec DWS7 door sensor to openhab with aeotec z-stick gen5.
But the state of the sensor is always NULL. When checked in the /var/lib/openhab2/zwave folder, there are no network.xml file created for the door sensor node. Please help me to resolve this issue. The following are the steps I did.

  1. added the thing for door sensor by tapping the tamper switch 3 times as suggested in the catalogue

  2. Entered the below line in the .items file
    Contact Door_Contact “Contact [MAP(]” (Door) { zwave=“3:command=SENSOR_BINARY,sensor_type=10,respond_to_basic=true” }

  3. Linked the item to door sensor channel which is automaticaly created

After the above 3 steps, I restarted the openhab service.
Result :- The state of the door sensor is always returned as NULL.
Any help to resolve the issue is greatly appreciated

The xml file is only created after the device is fully discovered. Battery powered devices need to be woken up many times to accomplish this.

The binding documentation tells you how to collect debug logs when things do not go as planned. Currently, your system only knows what is happening.

In addition to @Bruce_Osborne 's suggestion, this is the syntax for the zwave1 binding version.
Please check the docs for the correct zwave2 syntax.

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Why not take the less error-prone way and auto-discover??

Thank you for your inputs, I will repeat the discovery so some more time. I had initialy tried for auto discovery, but Zwave detects the door sensor and creats the thing. But it doesnt’ create the network.xml file.

I will give a look into the zwave 2 syntax

As Bruce already said, you need to wake up the device up. The file is only created after the discovery is completed. This will require the device to be woken up a few times so that the binding can communicate with it.

Thank you @Bruce_Osborne @sihui @chris
Multiple waking up of the sensor worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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