No new items, no events recorded but my.openhab sitemap works for existing items

For some reason the event log stopped adding anything last night. I can open and go to my sitemap, everything works. I can even pass commands over to IFTTT and they work.

The problem is I added a new item, just a virtual switch to toggle a rule when changed, and it won’t show up in my.openhab so it won’t show up in IFTTT.

Anyone know why my new items or my events don’t show up online?

I am having the same issue. Using Openhab 2, and it just stopped recording events or sending notifications last night. It is registering as online, so it is connected.

I restarted Openhab and it seems to have come back. I didn’t change anything, so must have lost connection or something.

No such luck for me. I seem to get an hour or two of normal function once every 4 or 5 days. Reboots don’t help.