No Notification anymore - Now even not able to login to - with original user

Today I tried to fix a few issues with openhab but it seemed to got worse :frowning:

Around November 18th (or 13th - can’t tell for sure as I currently can’t access myopenhab with my original login) 2018 I received the last notification from openHAB. I did not do any change on my configuration. As release 2.4 was right in front of the door I assumed this might be related to preparations for the release. So I accepted the issue.
Later I found migrating to the 2.4 release will be a bigger effort as I need to migrate all my KNX items to the new binding.
Today I finally made the step and updated to 2.4 (and I am in the middle of the KNX item migration).
Unfortunately I remembered the Notification not working issue in the middle of my work and I started to try it out with the new 2.4 release.
I still see the same issue - openhab does not send any notification to and with that also no notification to my Smartphone. I started looking for similar issues reported and tried the fixes mentioned.
I restarted openHAB. In I don’t see any Items listed, still I followed the recommendation and deleted all “Items & Events” and restarted (rebooted) openHAB. Nothing had changed. Still no notifications sent & the last one listed on the website was from November last year.
So I found another article which recommended to create a second Master account, delete the first one and the recreate it again.
So I did this. Loging in with the new Master account is no issue, there I was able to delete the initial account. I logged off and back in and re-created the original account. All no issue.
I logged off again and tried to login with my first Master account (the one I deleted and re-created) again. But this fails with the error “Unknown user or incorrect password”.
So I logged in the the temporary Master account to check and found the account is shown in my configuration. To make sure there was no hidden character or something else, I deleted the account again and re-created it a 2nd time. All worked well, account is showing but I can’t login and get the “Unknown user or incorrect password” error.

Now openHab can’t be reached from my phones, notifications do not work either. When I click on “Forgot password” I do not receive an e-mail although this mail address is valid and was working before.
Anyone an idea how I can get this working again, without the need to create a new UUID and secret?

Thanks a lot!

Anything you could check on your end?

I made some more tests and the thing does not get clearer to me.
I created another (3rd) user as Master user. Logged out & was able to login with the new 3rd user.
I tested my first user, still not possible.
I now deleted the 3rd user, logged off (with the second user) logged back in and created the 3rd user again. I logged off and tried to login with the 3rd (now re-created user) and it worked OK. So the issue only happens to my old user.
I really need to get this solved as also Alexa and Google Home are failing now to work with myopenHab. I really need this fist main user to be active again.
If someone with access to the myopenhab site needs more details - i.e. the mail address and/or UUID please let me know I try to not post it here but probably could PM it to an admin.


I would PM @digitaldan. I believe he admins the server.

Done - thanks for the hint and let’s cross the fingers :slight_smile:

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Just FYI - I now also waited more than 24 hours as suggested in one post but still receive the “Unknown user or incorrect password” error message when trying to login with my original master account to