No openhab related log

fresh OH3.1 installation and missing the open hab related logs. Was routing to /var/log but can’t find a OH specific folder with the events.log etc in it.
Any idea? Did I missed something to activate?

Does the openhab user have permission to create and write to /var/log/openhab? Often the answer is no. If you manually create /var/log/openhab and make it owned by openhab:openhab it should be able to create the logs.

As to why…:man_shrugging: . You didn’t indicated how you installed nor any other relevant things you have configured. For instance, if OH is installed using apt/yum and via openHABian all that should be done for you.

Thanks Rich for you feedback.
Was using openHABian installer and choose from config the frontail installation. But so far not successful on logging.

@mstormi Markus, maybe you can help. Clean install of latest OpenHabian (OH3.1) + frontail. Folder var/log/openhab is not existing. Manual creation and reboot is not fixing. With OH2 and OH3.0 all was fine. Regards, René

OK… somehow solved by running everything out of openHABian config tool chapter ‘10 Apply Impovements’ …