No PreviousState on NumberedItems?

I have a numbered item
Number z52_meter_watts
which is persisted in a mapdb and influxdb database.

When checking its previous state in a rule with
z52_meter_watts.peviousState(true, "mapdb").state
I get the error
The method peviousState(boolean, String) is undefined for the type NumberItem

Why shouldn’t I get the previousState of a Numbered Item? How else can I get it?
Thanks for help

You can’t get an previousState with mapdb because… mapdb won’t save it. It saves only the current state.
You must use rrd4j or influxes to use that function.

Sorry it should say influxdb and I’m aware of the mapdb limitations. It doesn’t complain about the persistence service but of the NumberedItem what makes no sense in my point of view.

I assume you didn’t make the typo in your rule, did you? You miss a r

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Laurens, thank you - that was the case. I don’t know how many times I read over it not recognizing the missing letter. Shame on me.