No refresh on iPad/iPhone/IExplorer/Crome/Firefox

i’ve made a testpanel with HabPanel. iT consists of a switch and a sensor. I have some strange issues with it. When i pushed the button, the window sensor will update its state sometimes perfect, sometimes not and sometimes with a long time delay. On Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox it will only update the state on reload the page.

I’m using openHab on an Raspberry Pi 3

What i’m doing wrong? Some settings missed or wrong?


Ohhh, no one knows this issue?

I‘m looking for a system to replace my broken alarm system. It uses doors and windows sensors and PIR’s with 433MHz communication and an Keypad for an additional arm and disarm which is alsp using 433MHz.

I‘ve tested out FHEM but it seems not to be the right tool for me and in my eyes openHAB seems to be better but with my issue i cannot trust the system.

I will checked everything again on Monday an if it‘s not working like expected i will write my own alarm system from the beginning (what i really want to prevent).

Thx forward