No rules firing after migrating servers

I just migrated my OpenHAB install over to a new Ubuntu 20.04 server. After loading Java 11 and OpenHAB 3.0.0 M4 (what I was running on my original machine), I copied a full backup from the original over and performed a restore on the new server.

Everything seems to be working, except none of my rules will fire. I can make edits and save them, and I can see in my openhab.log that the .rules file is saving, but the system isn’t running any of them.

The DEBUG log is EXTENSIVE…I’m grabbing everything. If there is a way for me to parse it down I will, if help needs to see the debug download (just let me know what you’d like to see specifically).


Use a later snapshot. M4 has big issues.

Thanks, @Bruce_Osborne. I’m working on that now, grabbing the snapshot directly from
When downloading the .deb file, I’m getting a ‘Cannot write to "openhab_3.0.0~S2039-1_all.deb’ (Success). If I try to run apt install of this file I get “E: Unsupported file…” Again this is a new server install, copied over my existing files. Do I have a folder permissions problem?

Why not just grab from the repo?

I am currently using docker so do not have much recent experience with that though.

I’ve been having issues with updates and the repository, so I’ve had to do all of this manually.

So I’m now on S2039, and the rules are still not firing. I must have some other configuration issue in play.

Disaster averted. It seems I hadn’t set the timezone on my new server, and it thought I was on UTC :roll_eyes: . So my cron rules were not functioning (clue…the other non-cron rules were working) .

My migration is now complete and everything is very happy.

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Start a new thread for your new question. It it off topic for this resolved thread.