No Rules working after openhabian-config update

Hello, about a week ago I updated my openhabian installation via the openhabian-config update all packages option. I was promoted if I wanted to install a new version of Java which was untested. I did choose not to do so.
Now after updating I restarted the installation, but openhab did not work properly after that. No Rules get executed. I have a simple test rule which broadcasts a message over the openhab cloud. I can execute the rule via the play button in the interface, but normally it should execute too if one switch is put to on, but it doesn’t do so. It also should put the switch to off, which it also doesn’t do.

I am on the latest version of openhabian with openhab 3.1 on an rp 4 with 4gb of RAM

Is there any explanation for this behaviour? And maybe a way to fix it?

Did you check the logs ( /var/log/openhab/openhab.log and /var/log/openhab/events.log ) for any hints about the root cause of the problem ?

Did check the Longview, but there really wasn’t anything noteworthy. I will provide what is there, but nothing Thet really stood out to me, especially nothing right after the “changed to on” where I would expect the error to pop up

Could you create a simple test rule which does not require a connection to the cloud?
Just trigger a testitem and write a short message into the log file.
If this works fine, then you do not have a problem with your rules in general.

The cloud actually works fine, I also have simple Cron triggered switches, all not working properly.

What OH version are you on?
Did you manually install the appropriate java version after you declined java installation? What is your java version?
What scripting language do you use? If DSL, do you see a log entry when you edit/save a .rules file?
do you see any Inactive bundles, when executing bundle:list in OH console

I am on OH 3.1.0
Java 11.0.9 (Zulu11.43+88-CA)
I didn’t know the config does not install a proper java version by itself. How do I do that?
The rules are pretty diverse. Most are DSL, some are from the graphical OH3 UI.

I currently have no access to OH console, will be back on friday.

okay, just got home and checked everything, and it seems like everything is fine after an update and reboot.
Btw. there were no inactive bundles.