No sitemap, screen stays black?

I have an error on my Android App. Yesterday it stopped working after a view hours.

Everything worked fine, I went out for a party and showed some guys the demo house project on my Android (Sony M4) App. Worked fine, but then it stopped, no error appeared. Screen stay black, loading symbol is shown for a long time, then nothing…

Ok, maybe the Sony-Android-App thing did an update or so, lets reinstall the app.
After it looks the same, so its not a problem of the App, but how do I finde the problem ?

HW: Pi 2 B
SW: openHab 1.7.1
Intranet: Browser works fine, everything seam to work as it should.
Internet: shows “connected”
App: loggs in at my.openhab.or, loading symbol for a long time… nothing, I can see that there is no sitemap shown in the app.

Please, does anyone know what the problem is, want to solve it of course.

after some restarts of every thing it worked again… ??? I don’t like that.

what I have seen is that the switched lights are some off , others are one, or all are off.
what about persistent data ??
something wrong here.
Could you please help?

[quote=“Richard_Nussdorfer, post:2, topic:3411, full:true”]
what about persistent data ??[/quote]

You need to set up persistence service to have persistent data …

There are 4 files in the folder (rrd4j, db4o, exec,logging) but it is not working as I am thinking of.
If I do a manual reboot or shutdown the lights in the demo are not the same as they are before.
Switching off the power during run will of course not work correct.
So, what is the problem of den Demo House Project ?

No problem in the demo, problem in your persistence setup.
As I told you before, you need to set up persistence (one service, not four!)

Example from the my posted link above:

// persistence strategies have a name and a definition and are referred to in the "Items" section
Strategies {
    everyHour : "0 0 * * * ?"
    everyDay  : "0 0 0 * * ?"

    // if no strategy is specified for an item entry below, the default list will be used
    default = everyChange

 * Each line in this section defines for which item(s) which strategy(ies) should be applied.
 * You can list single items, use "*" for all items or "groupitem*" for all members of a group
 * item (excl. the group item itself).
Items {
    // persist all items once a day and on every change and restore them from the db at startup
    * : strategy = everyChange, everyDay, restoreOnStartup

    // additionally, persist all temperature and weather values every hour
    Temperature*, Weather* : strategy = everyHour

Oh, I can see now and hopefully understand it :wink:
It must be selected for every Item, Item*, but is a Group or Everything possible ?
Can not see the Lights that I looked for and there have been changes after reboot?
All the files are original from openHab, did not change anything right now.

[quote=“Richard_Nussdorfer, post:6, topic:3411, full:true”]
… but is a Group …[/quote]

"groupitem*" for all members of a group

[quote=“Richard_Nussdorfer, post:6, topic:3411, full:true”]
… or Everything possible ?[/quote]

"*" for all items

It’s easy, just read the content of the answers …

Sorry for asking.

running more sitemaps (projects) possible, think so. would like to run the demo and mine.