No sitemaps in iOS App

Hello forum, I never used the openhab app on iOS, but in addition that I have to instances running at the moment I need a second app client. On iOS the sitemaps will not be shown. I made a test on Android at it work well. Are there some bugs known?

Regards Markus

Since i’ve updated my iPhone to IOS 14.5.1, the Openhab-app isn’t working anymore. Sitemaps are empty, also in demo-mode, without an error message or code. Wifi or cellular doesn’t make any difference.
I’ve reinstalled the app, rebooted my phone, changed SSL settings and looked in the IOS settings, but it didn’t help.
On an iPad which isn’t updatet it’s working like it should.
Are there some bugs with the new IOS or am i doing something wrong? Thanks!

Did you reboot openHAB and the computer it’s housed on? I’ve had issues where openHAB disconnects from the myopenhab and a restart fixes the problem. That’s probably not your problem (since it sounds like you have the problem at home as well) but still worth a try.

I updated to iOS 14.5.1 and my app is working fine.

Thanks for your answer, seems it was Murphy’s law and user error… :sweat_smile:
Everything is working now. Looks like it was bad timing at first (no idea why it was not working), after reinstalling the app yesterday I made a mistake with the (internal) port number. Changed it and now it’s working like it should!

No problem. Yes, if you’re using sitemap files still, if there’s an error the whole sitemap will refuse to load. I didn’t think to recommend it, but this is a great example of how using logs can help pinpoint a problem. Glad you got it sorted!