No temperature values shown in Homekit


I would like to display the temperatures sent by the KNX in the home kit.

The temparatues are displayed in the home kit. However, not the correct temperature but always the value 10.

What am I doing wrong!?

Number bad_Temperature “Temp Bad [% .1f ° C]” (upper floor, data storage) [“TemperatureSensor”] {knx = “3/0/6”}

Are you sure you are still using knx1 Binding?

yes I am using KNX 1.14.0 do I have to update? Where’s the difference?

Well, you don’t need to upgrade to knx2, but be aware that openHAB3 will no longer be able to use V1 Addons, so there may come a time where you have to upgrade (afaik late December 2020).

The main difference between v1 and v2 is, knx2 is using the Things model, there is no knx.cfg file, but a knx Bridge to connect openHAB to the knx bus. The configuration is quiet different, you have to create at least one Thing (but it’s common to create one Thing per knx device), and knx2 differentiates between “knx is the actuator” and “openHAB acts as an actuator”, for instance if you want to switch a HUE lamp via knx wall switches, you want to receive commands from knx bus. This is always true for knx1, but false for knx2, so there are additional channel types to get commands (*-control).

There are known issues in openHAB2 for knx1, so I’ll recommend upgrade to knx2. It’s possible to create Bridge and Things via text file, if you want to.

Ich habe gerade versucht KNX v1 zu deinstallieren und KNX v2 zu installieren. Leider wird der KNX Server jedoch als ONLINE angezeigt, jedoch kann ich keine Schaltungen vornehmen? Muss ich die ITEMS auch anpassen?

English please, this is an international community.

Yes, you have to create Things and channels, then link the channels to the items.

If you are not sure about, we can switch to :wink: