No Thermostat controll via myopenhab

Hi folks,

I have an issue with the controll of my thermostats via

The thermostats show up in myopenhab BasicUI as they do locally, but I cannot change any temerature values.
Local changes are updated immediately in myopenhab, but it looks like the setpoint controlls do not work online.

All lights work online as expected, only the thermostats don’t.

The strange thing is, that it works fine, when I use the openhab iphone app remotely via LTE and in the Google Home app the thermostats are shown as offline and can not be controlled either.

item file:

Group gAZ_thermostat "Heizung"  (AZ) ["Thermostat"]
    Number AZ_thermostat_Mode "Thermostat Mode" (gAZ_thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
    Number:Temperature AZ_4ACTUALTEMPERATURE "aktuelle Temperatur" <temperature> (gAZ_thermostat, gHeating) ["CurrentTemperature"]  {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB3FE8:PEQ1312969:4#ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE"}
    Number:Temperature AZ_4SETTEMPERATURE "soll Temperatur" <temperature> (gAZ_thermostat, gHeating) ["TargetTemperature"]  {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB3FE8:PEQ1312969:4#SET_TEMPERATURE"}

Group gWZ_thermostat "Heizung WZ"  (WZ) ["Thermostat"]
    Number WZ_thermostat_Mode "Thermostat Mode" (gWZ_thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
    Number:Temperature WZ_4ACTUALTEMPERATURE "aktuelle Temperatur" <temperature> (gWZ_thermostat) ["CurrentTemperature"] {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB3FE8:PEQ1312972:4#ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE"}
    Number:Temperature WZ_4SETTEMPERATURE "soll Temperatur" <temperature> (gWZ_thermostat) ["TargetTemperature"] {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB3FE8:PEQ1312972:4#SET_TEMPERATURE"}

Group gEZ_thermostat "Heizung EZ"  (WZ) ["Thermostat"]   
    Number EZ_thermostat_Mode "Thermostat Mode" (gEZ_thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
    Number:Temperature EZ_4ACTUALTEMPERATURE "aktuelle Temperatur" (WZ, gEZ_thermostat) ["CurrentTemperature"] {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB3FE8:PEQ1312877:4#ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE"}   
    Number:Temperature EZ_4SETTEMPERATURE "soll Temperatur" (WZ, gEZ_thermostat) ["TargetTemperature"] {channel="homematic:HM-CC-RT-DN:3014F711A061A7D8A9AB3FE8:PEQ1312877:4#SET_TEMPERATURE"}


sitemap our_home label="Our Home" {
    Frame {
        Group item=WZ
        Group item=AZ

    Frame {
        Text label="Licht" icon="light" {
            Default item=AZ_Kleid label="Kleiderschrank"
            Default item=WZ_StehL_l label="Stehlampe links"
            Default item=WZ_StehL_r label="Stehlampe rechts"

    Frame {
        Text label="Heizung" icon="heating" {
            Default item=WZ_4ACTUALTEMPERATURE label="Wohnzimmer aktuelle Temperatur" icon="temperature"
            Setpoint item=WZ_4SETTEMPERATURE label="soll Temperatur" minValue=15 maxValue=30 step=1

            Default item=EZ_4ACTUALTEMPERATURE label="Esszimmer aktuelle Temperatur" icon="temperature"
            Setpoint item=EZ_4SETTEMPERATURE label="soll Temperatur" minValue=15 maxValue=30 step=1

            Default item=AZ_4ACTUALTEMPERATURE label="Arbeitszimmer aktuelle Temperatur" icon="temperature"
            Setpoint item=AZ_4SETTEMPERATURE label="soll Temperatur" minValue=15 maxValue=30 step=1


    Frame {
        Switch item=gLight label= "Alle Lampen" mappings=[OFF="Alle AUS", ON="Alle EIN"]



i have the same problem with the Comet DECT thermostat.