No update via binding in Basic UI


I have the problem that the UI is not updating my switch items in the gui when they receive an update.
If I reload the page(F5) the status is correct. Why is it not updating automatically ?

Here is the relevant sitemap part:

Group item=Aussensteckdosen {
  Switch item=Steckdose_Aussen_Sued      label="Steckdose Terasse Strasse [%s]"
  Switch item=Steckdose_Aussen_Ost       label="Steckdose Aussen Haustür [%s]"
  Switch item=Steckdose_Aussen_Nord      label="Steckdose Terasse Garten [%s]"
  Switch item=Steckdose_Gartenhaus       label="Steckdose Gartenhaus [%s]"

Switch        Steckdose_Kueche_Sued      "Steckdose Küche Südseite [%s]" <poweroutlet-eu>                             { knx="5/0/15+<8/0/6" }
Switch        Steckdose_Aussen_Sued      "Steckdose Terasse Strasse"     <poweroutlet-eu> (Aussensteckdosen)          { knx="5/0/11+<8/5/4" }
Switch        Steckdose_Aussen_Ost       "Steckdose Aussen Haustür"      <poweroutlet-eu> (Aussensteckdosen)          { knx="5/0/12+<8/5/8" }
Switch        Steckdose_Aussen_Nord      "Steckdose Terasse Garten"      <poweroutlet-eu> (Aussensteckdosen)          { knx="5/0/14+<8/5/9" }
Switch        Steckdose_Gartenhaus       "Steckdose Gartenhaus"          <poweroutlet-eu> (Aussensteckdosen)          { knx="5/4/15" }

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks !

Is it ok if you replace Group item=Aussensteckdosen { by Text item=Aussensteckdosen { ?

Is it ok with another UI ?

no. It doesnt work.

Actually no switch item gets updated via knx in basic ui.

sorry I was wrong… It actually fixed the issue.

It doesnt make sense for me though - but it works.

So there would be a bug with group element used as linkable widget in a sitemap. In my opinion, it has no real sense to use a group element when you want to display other elements than the elements of this group. But I already checked the sitemap syntax and it is valid. I will try to analyze the problem.

For information, I am not able to reproduce your problem with the current code.
Probably fixed recently.