No viable input at alternative 'System'

Platform information:
Hardware: Arm based
OS: ‘Armbian’ / Debian buster
Java Runtime Environment: 11.0.9 (i know it is not recommended, but there are some reasons I want to have JRE 11 on my box)
openHAB version: 2.5.10
Issue of the topic: The ‘System’ keyword is not recognized in a rule

Although I have been using openhab for a 1-2 years, now, I never felt the need to write a startup script (persistence was working for me, largely).
Now I do need it ot trigger a few scripts and initialize a HashMap

The following simple code throughs the above error, though:

rule "startup"
  System startet
  logInfo("testlog", "log something")

I wonder if this is (the first time) because of the higher Java version I am using. What could cause this (It is spelled with a capital ‘S’)?
Is there an import I can make to explicitly include whereever the “System” class is defined?
I tried

import java.lang.System

but it did not work (same error: no viable input at alternative ‘System’)

Also, the HashMap Intitialization in the form of

HashMap<String,String> offVals = new HashMap("Switch" -> "OFF", "Number" -> "0") 

is not working either. (The reason why I wanted to try to put the initialization into a startup script, in the first place)

Never mind.
I spelled started wrong… :-/

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System startet

copy paste typo?
should be System started

Just wanted to tell you this is an English speaking community :wink:

That is like seeing a typo right after you hit Send for an email. We have all been there.

Beware, meta humor ahead

after you hit Send for an email

after you hit Sent


Actually it happens sometimes if I read my copy after it has been sent :frowning: