No webaudio after each browser restart on Windows


I run OH 3.4.0 on Windows 10 (64bit, 8GB), the UI is shown by Opera browser. Every time when I restart the browser, webaudio does not work, it is silent, although it is activated.

So I always have to click on the menu “About and Help” and deactivate the last button for audio support and activate it again. After that the sound works - until I have to restart the browser.

How can I solve this issue? As mentioned the audio button is set to on, but has to be set to off and on again for webaudio to work.


Most browsers block web pages from playing audio/video automatically nowadays. You first need to interact with the webpage before it will allow audio playback. But browsers allow for overriding this per website using some settings. This is what it looks like in Chrome:

Great hint, thank you. I did not see this setting in Opera, because normally I use Firefox. Had to change Audio setting from Automatic to Allow, now it works.

Thank you!

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I’ve tested webaudio with Chrome and Firefox, but it is nice to know it also works with Opera! :slight_smile: