Nobø Hub Binding

Binding for the Glen Dimplex Nobø Hub (also know as Nobø ecoHub). Nobø Hub supports a range of electrical panel heaters, thermostats and switches from Glen Dimplex and Nobø.


22 August 2022

  • binding has been merged to openhab-addons, should be part of next release

18 August 2022

  • fixed: auto discovery after refactoring to OH3

17 August 2022

  • added: Support for UoM for temperatures
  • fixes after code review
  • updated to 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT

15 June 2022

  • fixed: connection issue

14 June 2022

  • initial release



Source Code PR #12937


If you move this topic to the Marketplace Bundles category. People will be able to install the binding directly from within openHAB main ui marketplace bindings. (Note: there are instructions on how your topic content should be presented. When you normally would open a new topic in the market place bundles you get a template text with all that information. Best to click on new topic in the marketplace bundles category and use that instructions to modify this topic to have the right content. After that just discard that new topic)

Excellent, it worked!

I would recommend to unpublish this binding from the marketplace as soon as OH 3.4 is released. To avoid confusion for users

As OH 3.4 is now released, please unpublish the version from the marketplace (just by removing the published rag).

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