Node 11 - Aeotec Nano Double Dimmer unable to switch (ZW132)

Hi All

Ive got this visible in PaperUI, the mechnical button on the Relay switches the load on and off, and the toggle switch works just fine too

I cannot though switch the light on/off using ZWave.

The XML appears valid, and changes to the Node are reflected OK. I couldnt see an issue in the zwave log]

Here are the details:

And my items file

/*ZWave Switch Node 11 BBQ/Tree Lights*/
Switch Node11Sw1   "Node 11 Sw1"                                                 (gLights_Random,gAllLights,gOutsideLights)         { channel="zwave:device:ce741a7c:node11:switch_binary1" }
Switch Node11Sw2   "Node 11 Sw2"                                                 (gLights_Random,gAllLights,gOutsideLights)         { channel="zwave:device:ce741a7c:node11:switch_binary2" }
Number Node11Num1  "Node 11 Sw1 - Current Consumption [%.1f W]"                  (gAllLightsUsage,gEnergyRealTime)                  { channel="zwave:device:ce741a7c:node11:meter_watts1" }
Number Node11Num2  "Node 11 Sw1 - Usage [%.1f kW]"                               (gPowerUsage)                                      { channel="zwave:device:ce741a7c:node11:meter_kwh1" }
Number Node11Num3  "Node 11 Sw2 - Current Consumption [%.1f W]"                  (gAllLightsUsage,gEnergyRealTime)                  { channel="zwave:device:ce741a7c:node11:meter_watts2" }
Number Node11Num4  "Node 11 Sw2 - Usage [%.1f kW]"                               (gPowerUsage)                                      { channel="zwave:device:ce741a7c:node11:meter_kwh2" }

There are 6 active channels in Habmin, but I cant get the darn thing to turn off. I notice that node 11 doesnt have any neighbors but the controller, where as Node 10 (working) and literally 2cm away from Node 11 has 5 neighbors.

Any suggestions?



Just wondering if you found a solution to this problem? I also have a similar issue with my ZW132. I can’t switch the outputs via zwave.

Also I get error 404 when I try to unlink/link the switch channels in OH. All other channel link/unlink successfully.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

sorry Roy, i cant recall now. Likely I would have factory reset the node and included again Id imagine