Node MCU and openHAB

Can we interface only Node MCU(without using raspberry pi) with openHAB

Please tell me by comment
Can we interface only Node MCU(without using raspberry pi) with openHAB

What do you want to achieve?
You can have your ESP8266 run a http server and send requests to it. There are loads of examples on the tinternet.

I want to make home automation for turning lights but i dont want to use raspberry pi.
I have already used Blynk
But, please tell me can we make this system using only Node MCU and open source server of openHAB or Eclipse smart homes or tell me easy way for server

You need yo decide what you want to do.
OpenHAB is NOT easy. It need to run 24H on a server, this is why the raspberry pi is a great low cost solution. It is cheap and doesn’t use a lot of power.

Regarding the ESP8266, there are lots and lots of examples on how to switch a relay remotely using the ESP http server library. That is easy.

Start by reading the docs.

You can install OH and run the demo house without any real physical items. Play around and decide if it is right for you. There will lots of reading, learning and some frustration at times when it doesn’t work as intended.

The community is here to help but NOT to do it for you. You need to get started and come back when you get stuck.

Good luck

The simple answer is yes.

The full answer is it depends.

OH itself will not run on an ESP8266. So you will have to configure your device in a way that it can talk to OH and receive messages from OH. MQTT is one of the more common approaches and most people use a custom firmware like ESP Easy or the like.

A search of this forum will reveal tons of related postings.

Maximum how much number of pins we can use as a digital output for Node mcu

Pls tell me by your comment
And give a sketch code for wifi control

@Manohar, we have given you all the information you need in the two posts above.
Follow the guides, and come back when you have something. If it doesn’t work we’ll help you.

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With tasmota you can easily control ESP devices with or without a HA system.

Does Tasmota work with just a plain old ESP8266? NodeMCU is not one of the devices listed in the readme as supported.

Thanks for reply…!!!:slight_smile:

But my question is different. Question is How much pins of Node MCU we can use for Home Automation purpose?

Depends on which nodemcu module you buy
Read the specs before purchase!

Yes Tasmota works with a NodeMCU i have one in use with several sensors…

If you go buying, look for Wemos D1 minis. The are smaller and the
GPIO pins you can use are the same…
You can use 11 GPIO pins. Not all for everything