Node red Hue toggle button

Hi all

I have maked a few Node-red rule.

Now im trying to connect it to a Hue lamp.

I have a button (toggle) and a Hue light.

How can i make a node red rule that turn the Hue lamp on and of when i toggle and remember the dimmer status.
And if i hold down the button its activate the dimmer.

And maybe i function to change scene if i push another button :slight_smile:

I have search and found some - but cant seem to get it working - it seems that its made for another button and i cant see how to change it to a button in OpenHab.

Thanks to DIYtechie

Regards Christian

Since this your topic is asking for a solution, rather than providing one, I have changed the category to a more appropriate one where it would be easier found. Please stop changing it back. The tutorials category is meant for providing examples of implementations, not requesting them.

openHAB UIs aren’t generally set up for holding down buttons for effect. It’s more clicks or taps, or a slider.

I’m not sure if you get HABpanel to supply button-press and button-release type events? Maybe.

Hi Scott

Okay - Thanks i wasn’t aware of that it was you that has changed it.


I will look in to that