Node-RED Telegram Openhab send/receive

I try to connect Telegram as an receiver and sender to items from openhab.
Can anybody help me how i can do this?
I have imported in Telegram the “node-red-contrib-telegram” and the “node-red-contrib-openhab2”.
I ceated a new flow and put a “telegram receiver”, a “openhab2-out” and a “debug” item inside.
I wired them together, but i dont receive the message i send from Telegram in the state of the String item in openhab.
In the debug window i get this messages:

20.12.2017, 17:32:41node: 607ee240.7565f4
msg.payload : Object
chatId: 397881975
messageId: 135
type: "message"
content: “Test”

20.12.2017, 17:32:41node: 607ee240.7565f4msg.payload : Object
link: "http://localhost:8080/rest/items/Telegramreceive"
state: "msg.content"
stateDescription: object
type: "String"
name: "Telegramreceive"
label: ""
category: "calendar"
tags: array[0]
groupNames: array[0]

What must i do to get the msg.payload.content “Test” from Telegramitem to the openhab-item in the item-state?