Node xml files: Missing command classes and missing information

Pi4/Razberry500, openHABian 2.5.4, Aeotec Roller Shutter and Nano Dimmer

3 questions/problems here:

  1. I upgraded firmware of a roller shutter which was already connected to my Z-Wave network. I also added recently the same roller shutter with an updated firmware.
    Out of curiosity I checked the node xml files and found out that the command classes are different, which is explainable as more command classes are added by firmware update.
    Does this limit z-wave operation in any way? How can I solve this?

Command class device 1


Command class device 2

  1. In HABmin a roller shutter’s properties are:

    After upgrading firmware they possibly changed their manufaturer ID from 0086 to 0371. Both firmware IDs are listed on CD-Jacksons website. not a big issue just wondering why this happens.

  2. Razberry500’s properties are not recognized at all:

    allthough working without problems. A look into the Node xml gives manufacturer ID 0x147 which is to CD Jacksons website R-import Ltd. but not Z-Wave.Me.

I am not yet that experienced to solve this problem but I think I need to exclude and include the devices? or can I simply delete the thing and readd it again?

many thanks for your help

Yes, there will be different functions available.

I’m not sure what you mean? If the devices are different, and support different functions, then that’s normal isn’t it?

You’ve upload different firmware - the firmware is from different manufacturers (or at least is programmed with different manufacturer IDs). In this case this looks like an Aeon device and they recently started using a new ID.

Is that the controller? If so, there are no properties.

Hi Chris,
in this case it is not normal because the devices are the same.
Let me explain further what I tried to say above.
Roller shutter had FW Version 2.x and already included in the zwave network with the “smaller” command class set. I updated this device to FW version 3 (which will provide an additional command class set) but probably the binding thus the Node XML file does not recognize this.
I added another roller shutter, which I updated to FW Version 3 BEFORE adding to my zwave network (I have a second “test” controller). In this case the binding added the device with the extended command set.

But they aren’t the same if you’ve changed the software - they are different.

I’m not sure I follow this reasoning. The binding gets the XML in a round about way from the device - the device tells the binding what it supports.

Maybe the binding missed something - or maybe the binding is confused if you updated the firmware without resetting everythin.

As said, the manufacturer changed their manufacturer ID. Aeotec (0371) former name is Aeon Labs (0086).
This problem is maybe related to the above because the change of the manufacturr ID was done by an upgrade and the binding does not relaize this. Keep in mind that both IDs are listed in your database.

Chris, I updated both devices to the same Firmware Version (v3)

What do you mean? The database knows about these manufacturers - I’ve not checked to see if this device is included with both IDs, but in any case, this is not related to the XML since as I mentioned above, the XML is downloaded from the device, not the database.

Ok, that was unclear to me from the above. Then probably you just need to reinitialise the device.

I see. You mean that the new firmware version (with the new manufacturer ID) provides an XML file with an “empty” manufacturer string?

ok. Will do that. Reinitialize means exactly what? Just deleting the thing and readding the thing through HABmin or excluding, resetting to factory settings and reincluding?

Click the “Reinitialise” option for the thing in the thing configuration.

Stupid me… I investigated further. Probably the firmware upgrade was faulty. When enquiring the command classes with zensys PC Tools it also gives me the limited command class set. let me correct that first.
Thanks a lot so far.

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Hi Chris,
referring now to the other question regarding this:

Yes, it is the controller. Shouldn’t in the properties section appear at least basic information from your device list record, like type of device, manufaturer’s name, etc?
The controller is already in your device list:

No - the controller is totally different to other devices and doesn’t report this sort of information. It does not implement ANY command classes.

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I see. Many thanks for your time explaining this to me.