NodeMCU MQTT LED Strip Controller Build & Config How-To Videos

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(B K) #61

Updated first post with some modifications I’ve made to my configuration. I’ve simplified the rules to be more generic (instead of requiring a set of Color/Intensity/Speed rules for each strip, the three rules act on every strip by using the new “Member of” trigger clause. Also, changed Setpoint to Slider for Speed and Intensity (and updated the rules to suit).

(John Chiasson) #62

@bartus, I’ve successfully used your code with RGBW SK6812 strips, when pulling in the fork of FastLED. PlatformIO makes including a github library easy and it helps with OTA as well. I did have a little trouble with mqtt (I tried the new embedded broker), but eventually using mosquitto did the trick. Thanks for a great library.

I did notice there are about 50 effects in the code, but only 20 in your Do you have an updated map and items file to share?

(B K) #63

@JohnChiasson - thanks for the heads up - I’ve updated the sitemap and map definition in the original post to show the additional effects (Dr Zzz’s as well as some of my own new ones).