Non-Semantic Groups in Main UI "Disappears" from model when adding state-description

I just found an (for me) unexpected behavior.
I do use a number of groups that are not part of the semantic model.
For example groups containing AVG and MAX temperatures for floors and hardware equipment.
But as soon as I add metadata–>“State Description”, for example “%.1f °C”,to the Group itself,
it disappears from the “model view”. It is not possible to find it neither as a “non semantic group”, nor as a “semantic group”. Of-course it still resides in the “items view”. But I kind of liked having it in the model view as well.
Is there any explanation to this, or is it a bug?

I think a bug has already been filed for this.

This one: Model tree stops showing childs of non-semantic group item if StateDescription metadata is added · Issue #925 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub ?

Yes, it seems like it’s the exact same behavior.

Beat me to it. Thanks!