Noob "channel" question for thing binding

I have a basic OH2 setup: Debian/OH2 with Oracle Java, installed via package, Aeon z-wave ultra stick, a GE smart switch, and a couple GoControl dimmers.

OH2 enumerates the devices fine. I’d like to setup an Item that takes state from the switch, and turns on all the lights (so, the lights downstream from the switch, and the lamps plugged into the dimmers). I thought I could do this by just binding the dimmers and switch to a common “Item” (I called it “living room lamps”), but that doesn’t do anything. I hit the switch, the lights it controls directly come on, but the lamps stay off (though the item changes state). I can hit the switch in OH2’s paperUI or android application and everything works as expected.

I tried with rules, binding the switch to its own item, and setting up a rule that kicks over the dimmers to “on” when the switch (now bound to its own item) changes state to “on”. Testing it from the OH2 paperUI or the OH2 android app, it works. Testing from the switch I want to use to turn on the lights, it doesn’t. The item state still changes in the OH2 PaperUI and android app.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Have you tried using a group for the lights you want to switch at the same time?
Then you only need to switch off the group.

I can’t add the switch or the lamp modules to a group via the UI, so no, I haven’t.

I changed the item the things were connected to from a switch to a group, and that didn’t have any effect on the behavior: if I change it in the web UI, it changes all of them, if I use the switch, only the thing connected to the switch changes.

I have the precise same problem i have a psysical switch connected to openhab with the “ihc” binding that i want use to turn on a hue Channel… it works fine in ui but nothing happens when psysical switch is pressed

so the problem is that your physical switch doesn’t change the state of it’s linked switch item?

When pressing physical switch, the switch item in UI goes ON but not the linked channel… hope this clears it a bit more

With all of the things on the same “item” (a switch), when I press the switch that I intend to use, it doesn’t update the item state in the UI.

Ok, to be honest I never linked one item to many channels. Hard to maintain and to keep track of all links.
In my opinion it’s easier to have 1 channel - 1 item and then either group them and switch the group or use a rule.

Started from the beginning (removed all my previous configuration), and did a 1:1 thing:item map, and then added rules, and it seems to work now.

I’m not sure why, but I’ll roll with it.


So the rules worked for about an hour, now it’s not tracking state changes in the switch. :confused:

Back to square 1.

How is your physical switch “connected” to openHAB?

Via binding i have the ihc (Intelligent House Control) system in my House but since its NOT that smart a system im using openhab to make it smarter

Z wave to my aeon stick.

I thought it might be a wiring issue, but openhab sends commands just fine, so something’s gone wrong on the receiving end.

Just fixed my problem yippee
Try to show us you have made maybe i can if it is the same problem