NOOB with questions about either Xiaomi Binding

I can not appear to get the either binding to work, The one for OH ver. 1 one can put in the IP which I know , yet the binding just states it’s initializing… The HO ver. 2 binding just states it’s offline…Both bindings do not appear to find the gateway during as scan the ver. 1 just comes up with a blank page… I can ping the gateway from the OH host computer as well as from several other PCs… The Bundle:list appears to indicate that the bindings are loading…

I have some questions ;

  1. How does one tell if they have version 2 or > gateway hardware ??
  2. My gateway is connected to my router and both android and ios work with it… Does the binding require the host OH server need to be wireless ?? The host does go thru 2 switches before the wireless router… Appears to work fine with the MiLight binding…
  3. The OH ver. 2 has a place one can input the MI Gateway “ID” , what is the ID ??
  4. Does one have to log out of the MI app to have the bindings work ??



You’ve done everything in the docs?

Does your gateway have a LED Ring?