Nooie Aurora Light bulbs

Hi all,
I’m new in this community. I would start to use openHAB and I’m reading some documentation.
I would like to understand if there is the possibility to control some Light Bulbs that they have not specifically add-ons. I bought Nooie Aurora Light bulbs but I cannot find the related add-on. Will I be able to control these Light bulbs using openHAB?
Thanks for your help.

Probably not. There might be a possibility to replace the firmware. But I can’t find much of anything about this blub. It might be a Yeelight but it’s hard to tell.

Typically though, you need to find a documented API in which case the HTTP binding will work, or it needs to be explicitly supported by a binding.

@rlkoshak thanks for your reply. Too complex and few time :slight_smile:
I’m thinking about a workaround. These bulbs are Alexa compatible: is there a way to control them through Alexa using openHAB? My final target is to integrate everything in Apple Home kit using openHAB.
Thanks for help.

I don’t use Alexa and I don’t use HomeKit so I can’t say.

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@Dave_Grohl did you ever get the Nooie bulbs? Discussing options in IRC