Nortek HUSBZB w/Windows

Caution to anyone running a successful install using Windows and HUSBZB. I did a Windows update…my bad…never again, and it broke the serial port driver for the HUSBZB device. I tried to get it back working but ended up having to roll back the Windows Update.

Let me know if anyone else has found a solution through this.


Did you try reinstalling the driver?

What version of Windows 10? I believe I had my test stick working on Windows 10 Home at one time.

I have had it running on Windows 10 for about 2 years now…there was just a Windows Update that I allowed to be applied two days ago and the HUSBZB drivers no longer work with this Windows Update. Thankfully, I was able to Rollback the update. I’ll have to setup a better test machine and experiment a bit to see if I can find a solution and I’ll have to check on the the Windows Build Version that didn’t work when I get back home tonight.

Windows 10 Home or Professional? Here is my work laptop, Windows 10 Enterprise

In File Explorer, right-click on tour PC and choose Properties

Look under Windows Edition

It’s Windows 10 Home Edition.

Windows 10 Version 1909 has been running successfully for a long time, but when I tried to do a Windows Update to Version 20H2, the serial driver broke. I didn’t spend much time diagnosing because this is my production system, I need to set up a better sandbox to play in.

Were you using the “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge” Driver?

I did use the SiLabs driver. It may behave differently depending on the Edition of Windows. My home laptop is running the Home edition but I previously used the driver on the Professional edition.

I have not yet upgraded my laptop to 20H2 so I may give it a try.

EDIT: I set up the device under Windows and used PC Controller software to remove Zombie Nodes.

I upgraded my Windows home to 20H2 and the drivers still function as expected. Here is the new screen showing Windows Edition.

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