Nortek usb dongle

Ryzen 5 3400G/ 16g DDR4/ 500G NVME
Windows 10 Home
Will the nortek usb dongle work in a pc setup running W10? Im brand new to this and have not set up anything. I tried adding my zigbee lights and they arent showing up. so im assuming i have to change some kind of setting. Thanks!

What version of openHAB? What version of Java? Versions are important.

You need device drivers if you are going to use the stick on Windows, I believe.
I started running openHAB in a Linux VirtualBOX VM on a Windows 10 machine. I installed the Windows drivers and the OS saw 2 serial (COM) ports from the dongle. I only used Z-Wave but Zibee should work too.

Here are some installation instructions I found by searching.

You will also need to install the Zigbee binding in openHAB.