NoSQL persistence with Cassandra

I was trying to connect openHAB 1.8.1 to a Cassandra DB. Please let me know if someone has already experience with it.

I tried the following two pathes - without success:

  • via org.openhab.persistence.jpa and kundera-cassandra: Here you must configure the connection parameters in META-INF/persistence.xml in your classpath. Unfortunately org.openhab.persistence.jpa is expecting a jpa:url. Is this correct?
  • via org.openhab.persistence.jdbc and org.apache.cassandra.cql.jdbc.CassandraDriver I get the error “JDBC::updateConfig: no Configuration for serviceName ‘cassandra’ found. ClassNotFoundException: org.openhab.persistence.jdbc.db.JdbcCassandraDAO”

Thanks a lot!

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I’m also interested in persisting to Cassandra, mostly to get to know Cassandra better. If anyone figures it out, please let us know.