Not possible to create items in paper UI for homegear things

I have Problems to cereate Items from Things in the Paper UI:

My OpenHABian in the latest version is running on a raspberri PI 3. I had already connected a CCU2 only to Openhab2 and everything was running probably. I was able to create ITEMS for the BiCos and also for the wired Homematic Things.
Because I was not satisfied with the speed the whole System was responding on Switch-changes I additionally installed and activated homegear on the same Raspberry pi the OpenHABian is running to manage the wired homematic components only. Everything is OK: I can see the different activities on the wired bus (Switches, temperature changes etc.) in the logfile of OpenHAB2.
But if I try to setup the Things in the Paper UI and try to create items manually, it is not working as it had been with the CCU2 Setup only. If I hit the “blue” cirkle beside the Thing in the Paper UI nothing happens :frowning:
If I Change the configuration that Items should created automatically, the Items are created but for example all keys have the same name and it is not possible to use them in the rules or scripts.

Any idea?

I am using now homegear for the wired homatic components and the CCU2 for the BiCos wireless components - both in parallel with OpenHAB.



Yes, give up the paperUI for things and item definition and do it in text files
More reliable, more flexible

How did you configure the Homematic Bridge in Paper UI? Did you configure two bridges (one for Homegear and one for the CCU)? Maybe there is problem if you try to use Homematic devices via two different bridges (just guessing).

Do you see any messages in the openHAB log files?

Unfortunately I do not see any errors or problems in the logfiles of OpenHAB. I´ve
setup both interfaces (bridges) with the Paper IU.
Maybe you are right. Iwill remove both bridges and try to first use homegear and if that works fine for the wired homematic components, I will try to add additionally the CCU2 as Bridge.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,