Not receiving events from TH6320ZW T6 Pro Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat

Running Openhabian 2.3 Snapshot # 1203. Controls from PaperUI or Mobile App work fine. However, if the mode or setpoints are changed at the Thermostat, those changes are not being received by OpenHAB as events. I’ve watched the console for the events while changing at the thermostat and nothing is logged.

Through HABmin, I changed the polling rate on the Thermostat from 30min to 1 sec. I can then see the changes come in as events in the console and see the UIs update.

Does @chris or anyone else have knowledge on why changes at the Thermostat are not logged as events in OpenHAB and if the 1 sec poll is an acceptable work around? Is the Thermostat simply not sending updates?

I don’t know this device, but probably there should be an association configured to tell the device to report manual changes to the controller? Take a look in the device manual to see if this should be configured.

The binding won’t actually allow this - probably something like 15 seconds is about the best you’ll get, depending on traffic. In any case, it’s a horrible thing to do so if there is an association that can be configured, then you will be much better off using this - polling should be a last resort really.

Thanks @chris I’ll checkout the association option.

@chris in HABmin is see association setting options for two light switches I have, each is currently set for ZWave Plus Lifeline but the thermostat doesn’t show any options for choosing association. I visited the Zwave alliance website and found the thermostat and available associations:

ZWave Plus Lifeline association should be supported but I can’t find where to set it in OpenHAB. Where should I look? API?

It looks like the database for this device is incomplete. It has no configuration or associations configured at the moment, so this should be added to the database so it can be used in openHAB.

The endpoint warning can probably be ignored, but the others need to be resolved for the device to work properly and be configurable.

What’s the next steps to update the DB? I submitted this device originally to be added to Device DB. Do I need to update the info in the DB and you review and post?

Yes - the information on associations and configuration is not available automatically so it needs to be added to the database manually. The information should be in the user manual, or you can probably use the data off the link you posted above.

Added Association and a Config Parameter. I’ll add more Config parameters later and need to understand more about Endpoint 0. Ready for review, thanks @chris

Picked up the device association update in SNAPSHOT 1205 tonight, live state change events from the thermostat now working like a champ. Thanks @chris.

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