Not seeing Association Group 2 for Z-Wave Plus Dimmer (GE 14294)

I just installed a couple z-wave plus dimmers (GE 14294). The intent was to use Association Group 2 “Support Basic Set and is controlled with the local load” to control other Dimmers in the room. Unfortunately, both PaperUI and HABmin show Association Groups 1 & 3 but no Group 2.

Is there something I can update so the Association Group is available or is this something that needs to be updated in a release?

Here are the Association Groups

Here is the XML for the Thing

network_e233fee0__node_70.xml (13.6 KB)

Thanks, Glenn

It’s missing in the database, so you would need to add it:

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This is great! I registered for an account but it looks like I need to request edit rights from the admin.

I’ve updated your access.

Thanks @chris - then you can ignore the ticket I just logged!

Hi @chris and @sihui, not that the device has been updated in approved how do I get the new device definition to be used by openHAB? Thanks, Glenn

You need to upgrade to the latest zwave snapshot binding.

@sihui Would the update be in the latest Milestone Build? I’m currently running openHAB 2.4.0~M5-1 (Milestone Build).



So I would need to switch back to snapshot builds in order to see the change.

Nope, just upgrade to the zwave snapshot binding .

Sorry to keep asking about this, its an area I’m still learning.

Can you point me to how I install the latest z-wave snapshot binding into the Milestone build?

Uninstall the zwave binding via GUI, download the zwave snapshot binding from github cloudbees, place the *.jar in your /addons folder, restart openHAB.


Not from Cloudbees…

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Thank You!!!

I thought these were the instructions but I couldn’t find the right build for the jar file. I’ll give this a go.