Noteworthy products for use with OpenHAB

I like to surf and look for good ideas and new products on the market which can be used together with OpenHAB. So I explore crowdfunding sites but also home automation related forums for people who do enjoy homemade products and develop their own solutions. I think it is worth to have some place to share with each other this kind of curiosities in order to support them and persuade to look at OpenHAB. So I start this topic, however I think only about sharing ideas for things which have rather an open API or chance to create binding for OpenHAB. Please share your discoveries.

Recent things I found.
Knocki -
Nature Remo -

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This is a great idea and and others have stated many products on this forum. I think this is an excellent way to do it. Typically in the past a new topic is created per new device or technology as, at least in my experience, a long discussion usually follows the posting. But if you browse the 3rd Party tag you can see them all.

I just backed the knocki project. I’ll report back here when(if) I get it. Looks really interresting.

Here is a RPi-based weather station project What do you think about this one? I now, there is plenty of weather stations out there but here you get all raw data with no need for internet connection. Adding solar panel would make it nice, wireless weather station.

Another one - WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station

Sunlight & UV Index
Rain (haptic!)
Wind (sonic!) speed and direction
Temperature (+/- 0.4 degC)
humidity (+/- 4%)
Pressure (+/- 1mbar)
Lightning(!) (up to 40km)

Completly wireless (BLE + WIFI)
Long-life Batteries (1+ years)
100% waterproof (marine-grade enclousers IP68)

It seems to be very nice competitor to Netatmo and there will be a LOCAL API to integrate with. I may be wrong, but Netatmo doesn’t have local API?

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This project has interface called Lightbridge box with open API and Pixels which are just wireless LED-based lighting modules with accelerometer inside!
Creator wrote:
“For all the hackers and tinkerers out there we will be open an API that will enable access to the full scope of Lightpack 2 functionality. Using the Lightbridge box, you’ll be able to take further control over various BLE devices and sensors. We look forward to see all the great, weird and unpredictable hacks from you!
Our API will be constantly growing and improving, so be sure to check back for updates. We can’t wait to see what awesome hacks you come up with.
Lightbridge is WiFi-Bluetooth Smart router, which connects the Pixels with your home router via WiFi. Lightbridge is a part of Lightpack 2 which connects Lightpack 2 to your home network and Internet. With Lightbridge, you can control the entire lighting system remotely, connect it to external services like IFTTT, and extend its functionality with third party software.”

I’d like to convince Creator to provide local API in order to have best reliability and easy way to build binding for OH to get much more integration options…

If you have any interesting ideas of using this product at your smart home, please share!

Novo - the smartest radiator valve, via @Kickstarter