Nothing works (nearly)

I’ve install Openhab2 via Openhabian on Raspi3. I’ve added z-wave, netatmo and tellstick bindings. My devices are found, but except for toggling z-wave switches on/off nothing is live.

My energy meters (amps, volts, watts), my netatmo sensors (temp, humidity, etc) are all 0.0 and does not live.

Any ideas for what I’ve done wrong?

Every binding is different.

I recommend taking things one step at a time.

Pick one of the bindings that isn’t working and focus on that.

Then come back and provide us more information.

How did you create the Things? (e.g. accepted them out of the Inbox)

How did you connect the Thing’s Channels to Items?

How are you verifying they are not live?

Have you looked in the logs for errors? Please post the errors if there are some.