Notification behind menu only

I’m not sure it is supposed to work like this:
My notification from get to my phone but do not pop-up like a regular notification.
If I open the OpenHAB app, I can see them in the menu under notifications.
Could it be a setting I missed?
Thanks, C

In addition, when I sent a manual notification from, it does pop-up like a normal notification

What are your notification settings for the openHAB app? In Settings - Notifications - openHAB. Do you have notifications, sounds etc. enabled there?

Yes, everything is enabled

Which version of the openHAB app are you using?

make sure you have the latest app version 2.4.0

You also might want to update your iOS to 13.6.1

With those two latest versions and all the Notification setting enabled I get pop-ups here with sound as expected.

Without apparent changes notifocations start working, maybe it was the manual sending of a notification in that triggered something.
I’m using the Docker image : latest
Though I’m glad it works now, there’s a level of irritation not being to identify the initial faillure.
However, thanks for jumping in!