Notification issue with multiple users

I’ve an issue with notification on Android App:
I’ve two Android devices connected to OH Cloud with different user.
When OH send a notification to a specific user, both devices receive and show it, but only in the device with pointed user the message is visible inside app in notifications list.
My setup: OH3 on openhabian and two Android 12 devices.


finally I’m solved. To help other users I’m going to explain:
Initially I had only one user and two Android device, once I’ve created the new user on Cloud Server I’ve try the access with both devices (via OH app) and later I’ve assign the right user to every device.
This is the trick: once a device is connected throught an account at the Cloud Server, nothifications are registered for the device for that account, but notifications for the previous account still active and you have to cancel registration from Cloud Server side, in device section deleting it.
I hope I explained well.

BR to everyone

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