Notification of a cell phone call

I’m still getting started with openHAB and am constantly amazed by what it can do. However one feature I’d like to add, I can not figure out how to do. I’d like openHAB to be aware when I get a phone call or text message on my cell phone. That way the lights could flash or play a sound. My phone is a samsung galaxy running Andriod with a common U.S carrier (A&TT)
I’m not asking for code or examples, maybe just a hint, I’ve look at a lot of the openHAB add ons and apps for the phone but just don’t seem to find a way to accomplish this. Have used IFTTT and strinify but don’t like relying on internet based sevices. Thanks for any help

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _dedicated pc w/ i3 8Gbs RAM & 1 Tb hd
    • OS: _Debian 9
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 2.4

I haven’t tried this, but the approach I’d take would be something like Automate or Tasker the phone. You’d configure it interact with an item over the openhab rest API.

As long as you’re only concerned with this working when the phone is connected to your home network that should be all you need.

yes, I only want it to work with openHAB when I am at home.
I will google Automate and Tasker but I am unsure of what you are talking about, I’m guessing an app on the phone
Thank you for your reply

Indeed, ok both are phone apps. Automate I’ve never seen before. It has building blocks for incoming calls and SMS received, great. Then how to get to openHAB? HTTP request? Tasker seems to have an event for missed calls and actions for send SMS or making a call but not sure if it can do something in response to an incoming call.

oh ok… there is the hint for my first question, so a HTTP request sent to REST api to set an item. Rule to react to item change… flash lights whatever when incoming call.

I can recommend using MQTT Client app for Android that has tasker support. You can send a mqtt message from your phone with tasker on incoming phone call. With Openhab mqtt binding you can execute stuff on a specific mqtt message.

You’ve got it.

Just wanted to update this that I finally got this working.
This might be a topic for a whole other thread but this is an example of when home automation really works, when it does something that helps me. I have a tendency to leave the ringer off on my phone during the work week. A such, I’d sometimes miss calls or text messages when at home at night. Tasker logs on to the openHAB embedded mqtt server as soon as my phone connects to my home wireless network and when an incoming call or text is received, a rule can run, triggering any number of cool things. Currently, a pop up dialog box on my custom web interface, play a sound, have Alexa tell me there is a call, blink the lights.

I did indeed use Tasker phone app (will ad link, well know app)
Also used an ‘add on’ for Tasker called ‘mqtt client’ (so far so good will add link)

Here is a link to a thread that has pictures and step by step for the Tasker part