Notification & Sensor Binary reports- elexa-DMMS1

With my zniffer, I have adopted a generic goal to reduce duplicative Z-wave traffic. I have 3 of these (elexa-DMMS1 motion sensors). They are quite chatty. They report motion every 8 seconds (Max allowable config parameter) via both NOTIFICATION and SENSOR BINARY reports. I have some devices that the SENSOR BINARY report can be suppressed because the NOTIFICATION report provides the same information to the controller.

My question is can this be something that is changed via the ZWAVE database or is this a hardware issue with the device?

My off the wall idea is to eliminate the SENSOR BINARY report from Association group 1, because if it is needed, the controller could be added to Association Group 4 where that is provided


The database will have no influence over this. Either the device will support an option to disable certain reports, or not, but it is a device issue in the first instance. If an option exists, then the database would need to have this configuration option, but in the first instance you should check the device manual.

I believe the Lifeline Group 1 is required by the standard to have everything the controller needs. It it likely unwise to have the controller in multiple groups.

Thanks for the replies. I awoke last night realizing this had to be the answer since both reports are coming from the device and the other devices that had it suppressed had a config parameter to do it. I see no parameter in the device manual, but reached out to the maker to see if there are any options.