Notification when price is less then

I have created a rule that always shows me the current price of diesel at my gas station.
If the price now changes 30 times a day, I get of course also correspondingly many notifications.

Now I had the idea to get notifications only when the price is less than 1.800€ for example.
The item for the price is a number item but can it be that I can’t use decimal places in the check?

I have already created such a rule for the automatic charging of my tablet when the battery has less than 7% charge. The check here just looks like this: < 7
For the diesel price I wanted to do this with < 1.800 but I guess that no points and commas can be used in the check?

Might be easiest to get rid of the decimal

   var Number price = foo.state * 1000;
   price < 1800

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Decimal points are allowed in the check. Show the code and show the logs that are created when the rule is run.

Once again, there were ghosts in the machine. After a restart of the OH server the rule works now also with decimal points.