Notify My Android - Work...but Randomly

I have some truble with Notify My Android - push notification service.

I write down a Role that remember me something… Role works, I’m sure! because the role update a Text Label on sitemap (done correctly every time) and it should also push me an action with Notify my Android binding and these notification seems randomly work or not, even if the role is executed correctly …

I have no idea what to look about…some one have an hint for me ?

Hello Muplex,

please post your rule here for more information.
Are you connected via or via your own cloud?
Do you see the notifications in the cloud?

I’m connected inside the home in the same wireless network…with openhab app normal working

  rule "Trash reminder"
    	Time cron "0 0 19 1/1 * ? *" or Time cron "0 0 7 1/1 * ? *" or System started
    	if ((now.getDayOfWeek) == 1 && ((now.getWeekOfWeekyear) % 2) == 1) {
    		if ((now.getHourOfDay) == 19) {
    			notifyMyAndroid("UMIDO", "Spazzature")
        else if ((now.getDayOfWeek) == 4 && ((now.getWeekOfWeekyear) % 2) == 1) {
        	Spazzature.postUpdate("Plastica e Umido")
        	if ((now.getHourOfDay) == 19) {
        		notifyMyAndroid("PLASTICA E UMIDO", "Spazzature")
        else if ((now.getDayOfWeek) == 1 && ((now.getWeekOfWeekyear) % 2) == 0) {
        	Spazzature.postUpdate("Secco e Umido")
    		if ((now.getHourOfDay) == 19) {
    			notifyMyAndroid("SECCO E UMIDO", "Spazzature")
        else if ((now.getDayOfWeek) == 4 && ((now.getWeekOfWeekyear) % 2) == 0) {
        	Spazzature.postUpdate("Carta e Umido")
    		if ((now.getHourOfDay) == 19) {
    			notifyMyAndroid("CARTA E UMIDO", "Spazzature")
        else {

(now.getWeekOfWeekyear) % 2) ==

In my town trash truck collect it once every 2 week, thats why I must to be sure to remember the correct days

What you mean ??? Logs ???

I thought you were using the Openhab-app and the built-in notifications (GCM).
Unfortunately, I have no experience with the My Android Notifications, sorry.

I solved the trash truck collection dates with the Google Calendar and the Binding “Google Calendar Scheduler”.
Maybe this is also a possibility for you.

Maybe try to use more LogInfos (logInfo(“TrashTruck”, “truck is coming”)) in your rule to verify that your rule is working correct.

I will try to implement google calendar in a future…for now I’d thought NotifyMyanDroid or some similar tool should were enough…and indeed should be very easy to setup “should”

I already try to verify with logs, thats why of my question here to you guys:
I am quite sure the Rule enter in the IF instance -->

   if ((now.getHourOfDay) == 19)
    notifyMyAndroid("bla bla bla")

But something do not work properly in notify my droid action call… ( yesterday evening 29/03 it worked, but 2 weeks ago 15/03 the role didn’t work without cange anything in the files)

and looks stange to me…

I’m not able to fix this kind of “loose” messages…
Thats why now I turn my.openhab push notification via cloud.

They have the same issue but the post was writteln some times ago and I hope they fix it