Notifymyandroid is dead - alternatives?

I was testing my push notifications last week and found they weren’t working.
Looks like NMA is a dead project:

Are there alternative approaches or bindings? I didn’t see anything obvious (pushover binding), but perhaps I am not searching for the right thing.

Also - the NMA binding should probably be deprecated/removed. Providing it gives a false sense of security.


and you could file an issue to remove the binding and the docs via github :sunglasses::

Edit: never mind, already a merged PR:

There are lots of notification Actions available, and MQTTWarn exposes even more.

  • openHAB Cloud Connector (notifications through, works through the openHAB app)
  • Mail for email notifications
  • Prowl
  • Pushbullet
  • Pushover
  • Pushsafer
  • Telegram (this one seems pretty popular)
  • Twitter
  • XMPP

There are even more on the IoT Marketplace.

If you haven’t already, take this opportunity to implement Design Pattern: Separation of Behaviors to centralize your notifications so you can easily experiment with these various services more easily.

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The legacy documentation should also be removed as its still present ( as is the ACTIONS “NotifyMyAndroid Action”

It looks that at OH 2.5 NMA was finally removed. So I need to find some alternative,
Question about openHAB Cloud Connector:
I am not using, since I do have external IP. Now If I will need to use it just for notification, can I just use cloud connector only for it ? Will it work with (std) openhab app ?

Maybe you have experience with some other simple notification binding which dont need to install other apps on mobile device (like twitter) ?
I am using Whatsapp, but I as see there is no binding for it.

Was it even working? They shut down the service the day GDPR (or what ever the law’s acronym) went into effect. The binding may have been there but it couldn’t do anything.

To get alerts from you must run the phone app and have the remote connection configured to use

i only use for alerts and have no other recommendations.

No it wasn’t, but as you said binding was still on OH2.4.

Thanks for recommendation, I will try with

ok I have tried with myopenhab cloud and it works.
Problem is when I use remote access via this cloud I experience delay (when I compare to remote connection directly via my domain). I prefer to back to direct /remote connection with my OH server for application and use myopenhab just for notification. Is it possible ?
When I configured it I have seen cloud mode that I can set to notification (only) - what for is this mode ?

Not that I’m aware of.

I don’t know.