Novelan Heatpump Binding

Hello everybody,

is this binding still maintained? I realized that AlphaInnotec modified the Luxtronix Firmware, moving away from a Java Applet towards a Web Based frontend, and I’m wondering whether it still can be used when upgrading the FW on the Heatpump (as the Binding used the same Ports as the Java Applet did).




Do you now from which version they changed?

I am running V1.80 and everything still works.

Hi Levi,
as far as I am concerned, it changed with Version x.81 (for whatever reasons, the major release refers to different types of the Luxtronic whilst the minor version is the actual release).

Some Details can be found here:

Do you by any chance happen to know whether the binding is still maintained?

I think @watou is involved with the binding.Maybe ask him.

Hi all,

did you find a solution?

I am able to connect to my heatpump by browser but openhab log shows this error:

[WARN ] [lanheatpump.internal.HeatPumpBinding] - couldn’t establish network connection [host ‘’]

Iam quite sure that the password is an issue.

Accessing by browser is asking for a password but in conf file there is no option for this?

Any ideas?

Hi Homer,
unfortunately not.
I therefore did not upgrade my heatpump to the lastet release as I don‘t want to lose control over it via openHab.


I found my silly mistake. The old port was configured … with 8889 it worked

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Glad to hear that!
By any chance, do you know the exact firmware version of your heatpump?

I’m using a Novelan Heatpump with the latest firmware. The openHAB Novelan binding works perfect for me.