NPE on Things page - No stack trace, no log entry

REST API throws NPE when called with things?summary=true. This results in empty Things page on MainUI. Full response body: "{\"error\":{\"http-code\":500,\"exception\":{\"class\":\"java.lang.NullPointerException\"}}}"

It can be reproduced with API Explorer by MainUI. There is nothing in the log, even though I already increased some log levels. Calling without ?summary=true works fine.

Any ideas how to get the stack trace?

Not sure how to get the stacktrace. But if you run this in eclipse you can set a breakpoint on when a NullPointerException is thrown. This will stop the code at the point this exception is thrown. This might help finding the issue.

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thanks for this tip… it will make my (debugging) life much easier!

Okay, that would mean I have to run openHAB in debug mode all the time, because this issue is solved by restarting openHAB and sometimes occurs again after some time. I’ll try that.

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