Npm install -g fontail not working on Raspberry P3 B+

Hello everybody,
am new here in this community and I am a newbie working with this system.
My Problem is, that my installation of frontail aborts with following Errors:

Please help me for solving this problem. In fact,that I do not really know how to fix it, please give me detailed instructions.

thanks for help

Open a Github issue and provide the log mentioned in the last line, please.
Also explain the steps you took to install openHABian. Normally, that part of the code is executed on initial unattended installation run but I suspect you didn’t follow the install instructions.

Hello mstormi,

Ive followed all the instructions they where available in the www. Ive download the image : openhabianpi-raspbian-201804031720-gitdba76f6-crc9e93c3eb.img.xz
than mounted with Etcher to a 32GB card
put it into my Raspberry an powered on.
After installing, I´ve connected with putty to Openhabianpi an started with the config the systemupdates. Installing the Log Viewer stopped

So please let me know what I`ve done wrong?
Thanks for every Idea

As I said, open a Github issue and provide the log there.

You could run apt-get upgrade --yes --force-yes from CLI to skip frontail install.

Did you use wlan when installing at the first time? It’s a known bug that wlan availability is not certain at first boot.
Please always start with lan for setup, then (after the system is completely up and running) change to wlan (if needed).

Sorry, I do not know what`s CLI is. As I ve said, I am a beginner in Linux.

Hello Udo, I use only Lan for the connection to the raspberry at time.
At time I have no Idea how to solve this problem.
Thanks for all answers and instructions to help me with this problem.

CLI = Command Line Interface. You used that to run openhabian-config.
So try sudo apt-get upgrade --yes --force-yes.
If I correctly understood you then the initial install finished ?
Then you started openhabian-config and selected menu option 02?
If so you can simply proceed although you should still try to fix that as I wrote.
You must be precise in describing what you did else we can’t help and cannot know if this might also affect other users.

  1. downloading openhabianpi-raspbian-201804031720-gitdba76f6-crc9e93c3eb.img.xz
  2. mounted with Etcher to a 32GB card
  3. Card into my Raspberry an powered on.
  4. waiting round 1 hour
  5. connecting with putty ok
  6. Opend Config tool openhabian
  7. starting 01 Udate the latest revision of the config Tool
  8. starting 02 Upgrade System
  9. starting 20 Optonal Components / 21 Log Viewer
    10 after Installing Log Viewer, the lines I have already send before

This picture shows the failure I think. It is the npm

After that I have got this on the screen

thats it.
thanks a lot for the support

The logviewer should already have been installed during unattented install phase but eventually something went wrong there. Either way step 9 is not needed.
Did the install finish before you logged in ? Can you provide /boot/first-boot.log ?
And please in a Github issue, not here.
You may continue with your OH setup. Logviewer may work or not but the rest should be fine.

I repeated the steps and get the same error. However, like @mstormi says the log viewer is already installed and is still working (even after this error). The error also says that it is ‘refusing to remove it’.

For peace of mind, you could flash your sdcard again now that you know that the log viewer is already installed by default.

Then what did you do with wlan0? (see screenshot 2019-07-19 20_52_45… lines up to 18)