Ntp binding behavior after January 1st

I am running Openhabian, prior to Jan 1st 2.4 snapshot, now 2.4 release.

I had some items based on the ntp binding and others based on Astro. Basically they keep track of whether it’s day or night, and if the driveway sensor is triggered, decide whether to illuminate the driveway.

All worked fine for several months prior to January 1st.

After that, it appeared, though the time was correct, the system thought day was night and vice-versa.

After observing this I rebooted the system and it appeared to have corrected the situation. I guessed it was something to do with roll-over to the new year…

Later I updated the system to 2.4 release. Everything seemed to be working.

But, then it went back to day is night, night is day.

When I stopped and started OH, I was watching the log and noted an ntp error about not finding the ntp server.

So I went to my item, thing, and rule files and began tracking how and what I had set up months ago.

I discovered an identical line for the ntp thing in two different thing files.
I removed one and saved, and it appears to have corrected the access issue and now day is day.

Since the two identical lines have been there for at least 4 months prior to this and all worked…I’m at a loss to explain why having two after Jan. 1st was an issue…


I can’t explain why it worked prior but having two identical Things like this has always been incorrect and an error.

I can’t even remember doing it. It had to be a cut and paste…I’m too lazy to type that long a line twice. :blush: and I’m too prone to typos to get it identical.

It’s certainly possible I missed the error in the log, since it was working, i had no reason to look.

I’ll see if it swaps day/night over the next couple days. Could be it’s not fixed yet.