NTP works in controls but not basic UI

I am just starting with openhab2 and trying to do all of my homework before asking stupid questions.
I added NTP via paperui and in the control screen it returns the correct date and time. When I go to basic ui or classic ui on the same computer the date/time do not show up.
I have tried it using paper ui and doing my own sitemap and items etc. No luck either way.

Second issue that might be related is when I add other items like my samsung tv, it all works and the Icons are all correct. If I reboot the raspberry pi then the screen icons are gone and I have the long text message on the app and no icon. The volume changes to brightness. If I unlink and relink the controls they show up correctly until next reboot.
Same thing happens on Yahoo weather and other controls.

Thank in advance for your help.

See link with respect to your issue on the visibilty of the date in paperUI vs basic/classic UI + some hints to fix work around it.

The alternative is to get the latest ntp binding, which also has a string output, that will display consistent in all UI;s

Thank You Marcel for the response. I will give it a try. I thought I was using the latest NTP binding but will go check for the latest builds. I have started working in openhab 1.8.3 just to become more familiar with openhab and how to program sitemaps, items, rules, etc. Not sure that is going to help much with openhab2. Thank you again for your response.

Hi Jerry

Did you find a solution to the NTP problem?
I am also a OpenHAB newbie and I have the exact same problem :slight_smile: