Number:Dimensionless Don't work

I try to reset my items from PaperUI to Eclipse SmartHome Designer.

In the Binding documentation I found this Parameter Number:Dimensionless but the Smart Home Designer gaves me an error:

“extraneous input “:” expecting RULE_ID” and " missing RULE_ID at '“rel. Luftfeuchtigkeit [%d %unit%]” "

That’s my item:

Number:Dimensionless NetatmoOutdoorHumidity	"rel. Luftfeuchtigkeit [%d %unit%]"			<humidity>		(netatmo,garten)	{channel="netatmo:NAModule1:bfb8a0db:020000274f92:Humidity"}

Anybody known what is going wrong?


Smart Home Designer has been abandoned.
Rather use openHAB visual code extension.

Thank you, but this couldn’t be the problem. If the syntax is right the item shoud be shown in my App but it doesn’t. The item file is not loaded…

it sounds like your loading an “item” file in the rules folder by the error message given…?

No i don’t do that! the Item file is in the item folder

The items are working well if I don’t use “:Dimensionless”

If it’s dimensionless it cannot have a %unit%, can it ?