Number Format fails after Exec refresh

Anyone like to help me out on this?

On initial view, everything is OKAY!

then on 60000 refresh, the format [%.1f °C] disappears: and

Here is the item definition:

I am just starting my openHab experience, and I’m not sure where to look to fix.

Hav a similar problem. With an manual refresh the display looks ok again.


It’s not your fault, it is a known issue that still needs to be addressed!

Kai thank you, I can move over that bug for now! I just want to say I am blown away with openHAB2! I think this is an amazing framework. I’ve been working on Android development for over a year, and took a break to develop a smart home server for a client out of the blue. OSGi is friggin awesome! I have openHAB2-SNAPSHOT running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I’m digging this project! Great job! Thank you too for being so involved and active, your comments answer more than half my questions. This is probably the biggest development gig I have had, and it’s completely based on openHab, so thank you for that score! I will have to write some binding code for the SageGlass window system which I’m excited about learning how to do! Thanks Kai, openHAB2 rox!

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Thanks for the kind words, I am very happy to have so many engaged people in the community :slight_smile: