Number item for rollershutter position not getting values

Hi, i have this two lines in my items-file, which control my knx rollershutter. They are working fine and i get % of the actual position also. The actual position is stored in knx 3/3/4 and the angel is stored in 3/5/4

With this i get the values displayed:

Rollershutter Rollo_EG_Wohnzimmer       "EG Jalousie Wohnzimmer [%d %%]"          (EG_Wohnzimmer, Rollos)     { knx="3/2/4, 3/1/4, 3/6/4+3/3/4" }
Rollershutter Lamelle_EG_Wohnzimmer	"EG Jalousie Wohnzimmer Lamelle [%d %%]"  (EG_Wohnzimmer, Jalousien)  { knx="3/2/4, 3/1/4, 3/7/4+<3/5/4" }

But with this i get no values:

Number Rollo_WZ_Position          "Rollo WZ Position [%d %%]"	{ knx="3/3/4"}
Number Rollo_WZ_Lamelle_Position  "Rollo WZ Lamelle [%.0f]"	{ knx="3/5/4"}


Text item=Rollo_WZ_Position
Text item=Rollo_WZ_Lamelle_Position
Slider item=Rollo_EG_Wohnzimmer
Slider item=Lamelle_EG_Wohnzimmer

Can someone tell me why i don´t get any values with the text-items?

Last question:

What is the difference between this two lines? They are working both, but i don´t know when i have to use which of them:

 { knx="3/2/4, 3/1/4, 3/7/4+3/5/4" }
 { knx="3/2/4, 3/1/4, 3/7/4+<3/5/4" }

You don’t need to define the Number Items as the position and angle is stored in the Rollershutter Item itself So to see Position or angle in the Sitemap without Buttons you only need to write

Text item=Rollo_EG_Wohnzimmer
Text item=Lamelle_EG_Wohnzimmer

Further you should avoid using a GroupAdress in more than one Item (at least if openHAB should get it’s state from knx).

The < in { knx="3/2/4, 3/1/4, 3/7/4+<3/5/4" } means, that openHAB polls the Value of GA 3/5/4 at openHAB startup.
To drive the Shutter to a specifc position, it sends the position to GA 3/7/4. At the other hand, if the Shutter is moved from outside openHAB, it receives the new position from GA 3/5/4

The rollershutter actor only sends position, when rollershutter was moving.

So < would be useless here? There is no frequent sending of the position from knx.